drept civilCivil Law:

» negotiation assistance, counseling and legal assistance in signing contracts, inheritance, usurpation, void
» termination / cancellation of contracts, reconstruction and establishment of private ownership under Law 18/1991, Law 10/2001
» corrections / changes to title, legal separation, expropriation, debt collection, access imoboliara artificial discharges, appeals from enforcement, misdemeanors, appeals hoists, depreciation claims on medical
» out of possession, the Land Registry, mediation, acts of civil status (name change), activity due diligence
» owners' associations, associations, foundations, donations raporturii
» invalid relative / absolute heir certificates, tort liability
» claims
» servitude right.

drept comercialComercial Law:

» an insolvency proceeding, claims, payment summons, consulting companies, commercial contracts associated with withdrawal
» exclusion associate AGA aside decisions, changes in business firms, mergers, due diligence, dissolution
» absorption, since its establishment, Ltd., PFA, construction and contracting, privatization, due diligence reports
» auctions
» medium preliminary procedure, setting up subsidiaries, branches, outlets.

dreptul familieiFamily Law:

» divorce, common property division, child custody, pension maintenance, minor home setting, establishing filiation, denial of paternity, termination as investment, minor family reintegration, placing under interdiction, appointing guardian
» adoptions.

dreptul munciiLabour law and social insurance:

» appeal decision to dismiss
» labor rights (bonuses, overtime pay overdue) retirement appeal decisions
» employer counsel on the legality of contracts and other activities, obtaining work permits, appeal against the decision to prosecute.

dreptul proprietatii intelectualeIntellectual property right and copyright:

» litigation, know-how, copyrights, patents, trademarks, franchise, unfair competition, concluding contracts.

dreptul penalCriminal Law:

» jurisdictional rehabilitation, legal assistance to law enforcement agencies (police, prosecution) and before the courts, representation in road accidents resulting in casualties.

dreptul international privatPrivate International Law:

» acquiring citizenship, renounce citizenship, recognition of foreign awards Romania (exequator procedure).

Contencios administrativAdministrative Litigation:

» administrative actions, proceedings prior representation and counseling to public administrative bodies, cancellation, revocation, suspension, rectification, restoration, obtaining administrative.

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